Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Failure Belief

It was December of 2011. I realized up until this point that I needed something different in my life. Things were not going in the direction that I wanted to.  I decided to start writing down my thoughts and actions in my life. A few days into this I had one of those terrible days, […]

Failure is Real

You have to accept it. It is part of life.  Failure happens every single day.  Failure is natural. The Major League Baseball batting averages for 2011 and 2012 was 0.255. That means on average the entire league missed the ball 75% of the time.  While we were vacationing we got to watch / help two […]

Failure is the only option

“Failure is not an option.” If you google this quote it leads you back to the movie Apollo 13. In my head I always thought it was associated with some military movie. Some writer came up with this quote because it sounds cool. For daily life, failure is the only option. I fail everyday. I […]

The Velazquez Rooster Redeux

After I finished with my Velazquez Rooster from Chris Oatley’s Magic Box class, I realized it could have been better.  It was not what I am fully capable of. I rushed through a lot of steps just to get it done.  In the end I wasn’t quite happy with the form of the Rooster. He […]

Nature is our Inspiration

Just as a warning if you do not like insects, this is not the post for you!  Where does inspiration come from? If you break down the word inspiration you get a semblance of “in” and “spirit”.  When you are inspired you are in spirit, you are connected.  So again where does your inspiration come […]


What inspires you every day? I continually read and listen to blogs and podcasts, searching for motivation and inspiration. Here are just a few of what I listen to and read on a Daily Basis, let me know what yours are: