You have to accept it. It is part of life.  Failure happens every single day.  Failure is natural. The Major League Baseball batting averages for 2011 and 2012 was 0.255. That means on average the entire league missed the ball 75% of the time.  While we were vacationing we got to watch / help two baby loggerhead turtles make it to the ocean. Only 1 out of 200 make it to adult hood, and after watching them crawl into the ocean I see why.Loggerhead-Turtle-Hilton-Head

I recently wrote on how failure is the only option, and how nothing is real.  Both posts talking about the struggles of life that we don’t see.  I love to see the struggle and reality of it all. Some of my favorite authors / bloggers do this. (James Altucher, Lewis Howes, James Gurney, Pat Flynn)

I want to show you my failures.

While on vacation I had the oppurtunity to get some good shots of my kids. We had some time, they were in similar outfits. “Great” I thought. “This would make a good holiday card.”

This was my first test shot of Tom. (Trust me they get better)

Failure-is-Real-Test-ShotsHere is Tom again.
Failure-is-Real-Test-ShotsThen, Henry wanted to join in.

Failure-is-Real-Test-ShotsYes, these are my kids. No, I have no clue what was going through their heads.

Failure-is-Real-Test-ShotsSorry.  I do know what was going through their heads. Henry was making farting noises with his arm in this shot.

Failure-is-Real-Test-ShotsI think this one was my favorite.

Failure-is-Real-Test-ShotsOh yeah. Let’s not forgot them wanting me to taking pictures of their butts.

Failure-is-Real-Test-ShotsIf you want to see the final shot, you’ll just have to be on our holiday list! These shoots took me two days and at least an hour. I took 89 shots, and yes I managed to get two usable good shots. This is failure. I could have given up, gotten frustrated, and never had the picture. I pushed forward through silly faces, farting noises, butt shots, and the short attention spans of children. This is life. This isn’t the holiday card. This is how I got the holiday card.  We need to see more of this. There is too much emphasis on the final product not enough on the process.


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