“Failure is not an option.”

If you google this quote it leads you back to the movie Apollo 13. In my head I always thought it was associated with some military movie. Some writer came up with this quote because it sounds cool. For daily life, failure is the only option. I fail everyday. I fail when I snap at my kids. I fail when I don’t maintain my health. I fail when I’m behind at work. I fail when I stress myself out. I fail when I can’t communicate effectively. I fail at most of my art projects. Failure is great, as long as you can see beyond it. It means you can improve. Failure is just the universe telling you that something is wrong.

We as a culture are so into blame. When something goes wrong we start pointing the finger at everyone but ourselves. We start justifying why we got into a situation , relationship, or business opportunity. This is the absolute worst thing you can do. If you are going to point a finger at someone it should be yourself. We need to analyze our actions and our behaviors and modify them for changes and success the next time around.

The majority of failure in my life comes from failure to prepare and failure to set clear goals.

I continually make these mistakes, but I am slowly correcting them. I’ll never be perfect, but that is the beauty of failure.

Failure is ingrained in our head at school with such a negative context. If you get an F you don’t want to show it to your parents. You are deemed no good, not smart. Failure has nothing to do with being smart or not. Failure is the yang to the yin of success. They can not exist without each other. Every great business, entrepreneur, and artist continually fails. They take this failure and turn it into success. Failure is the universe telling you that something is not working in your life, and that a change is needed. This change will lead you to success.  This will bring you out of your comfort zone. It is like living in Europe in the medieval times, thinking the world is flat. You don’t want to fall off the edge, but if go out and explore there will be a three dimensional world out there waiting to be discovered.

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