What inspires you every day? I continually read and listen to blogs and podcasts, searching for motivation and inspiration. Here are just a few of what I listen to and read on a Daily Basis, let me know what yours are:

James Altucher

If you haven’t read his blog it is a must. It is the in your face truth.  His blog is a cross between business, spirituality, and reality TV. He has crashed and burned many times in his life and has always managed to pick himself back up.  Infact if you google “I want to die” his blog shows up in the top three. Now that takes some power.  I just finished his newest book, “Choose Yourself” and it’s a great read.

Gurney Journey

Author and Illustrator James Gurney always has something amazing to share every day.  He is most famous for his “Dinotopia” books.  He has an amazing you tube channel filled with lots of plein air paintings.  No matter what he shares I find it always to be interesting and put a smile on my face. He has a true mastery of painting and writing.


If you haven’t heard of these guys, you probably are living under a rock.  Who thought economics could be interesting. I have read both of the books, and love listening to the podcast.  It’s great to get an empirical point of view on all kinds of subjects.  They speak of the perils of drunk walking, how gift giving is a completely stupid idea, always shining a new perspective on otherwise mundane ideas.

School of Greatness

I came across Lewis Howes’s School of Greatness when James Altucher was interviewed.  Then James decided to turn the conversation around and interview Lewis. Lewis is an ex pro athlete who built up his income on linked in by learning how to connect with people and connect people.  I find his podcasts completely inspiring, as you get the whole truth.  His guests are spot on, and deliver the truth, their struggles, and what they did to get passed them. Always a good pick me up.

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn runs smartpassiveincome.com. He accidentally discovered hundred of visitors a day were using his online notes to pass the LEED exam, and created a complete passive income stream through online marketing.  What I love about Pat is that he is transparent.  He is a goofy guy, and it comes through in his podcasts. What really kept me a follower of Pat’s is his monthly income statement. He shows how much and where his money is coming from. Not only that he shows you his tips and tricks at no charge, just for help. Can’t beat that. I’m currently involved in his niche site duel.

Welll, this is just some of what I read and listen to on a daily basis, I want to hear from you what you do. I’ll tally the results at the end of this and let everyone know what we are all listening to. Until then check out some of these great website above, and keep on creating.

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