Fine Art to me is more about exploring and experimenting.  It is about trying out new media, new techniques, and learning how to add them into my skill set.  It is about not being afraid of how a piece will look.  The goal of my fine art to me is the actual process.  It is about reconnecting with art for art’s sake.  It is about creating something beautiful, or mysterious, just to have it be beautiful or mysterious.  It is just about having fun, and painting what I want when I want.  Not worrying about the outcome, and being able to put a piece away when it does not turn out aesthetically pleasing.

Where my illustrations has a clear goal, which is to tell a story, I feel my fine art is more ambiguous.  It makes me happy, and I enjoy doing it.  The easiest metaphor to compare to my fine art is that of meditation. If you sit down to meditate and have a goal in your mind, you are defeating the purpose of meditating. That is how I feel about my fine art.  A lot of  my fine art you will see are digital experiments.  Trying different brushes, textures, and processes.  These aren’t necessary finished pieces, but I would not consider them sketches either.