I love to draw and create.  This is my passion in life and what I was meant to do, especially  anything that relates to being silly, funny, wacky, zany and crazy.  I studied at Parsons School of Design, but am mostly self-taught with some classes here and there.  I was trained in traditional media, and have mostly moved on to doing all my work digitally.  I have been around the computer all my life, and have always used it as a tool for design and video work.  When I decided to focus on my passion I made the choice to move my work to a digital format.  I mainly use a Yiynnova tablet, but do have a portable setup with an Intuos tablet as well. With two kids and a dog running around the house,  I found it very hard to keep my space clean using traditional media.  Though, If you see me out at one of my children’s sporting events, you will typically find a bag of watercolors, gouache, and pencils lying around very close to me.  I don’t believe anything will ever compare to the smell of oils and a brush in your hand, but have learned to adapt to this ever-changing world.

I was always drawn to the golden age illustrators such as Rockwell, Leyendecker, Wyeth, and Pyle.  Something about their ability to capture a story and dramatize it always kept me looking back at their work.  The more I study classical illustration and painting the more systematic my process becomes.  I find I learn and work in a very structured process, and as this process gets refined, my work does as well.  I always start large to small.  This holds true even for ideas.  A solid idea has to be behind the piece in order to convey its meaning.  Once the idea is finalized, I then begin to examine composition and perspective.  Where is the viewer coming from? How involved are they in the scene? Are they up close and personal, or are they standing far away looking at the bigger picture? I then move on to a large black and white comp.  Here is where I will usually start shooting reference based on my sketches, and incorporate it into the piece.  Color comps are then worked up.  Once I have a strong idea of composition, color, and mood I then more or less start at the beginning and rework a final drawing, and then move on to digitally painting the piece.

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